April 26, 2019

Women who loved women

Names of [books about] graceful women who were lovers:

   The Book of Rayhana and Qaranful (Basil and Clove)
   The Book of Ruqayya and Khadija
   The Book of Mu’yas and Dhakiya
   The Book of Sukayna and al-Rubab
   The Book of Ghatrifa and al-Dhalfa’
   The Book of Hind and the Daughter of al-Nu'man
   The Book of ‘Abda the Clever and ‘Abda the Fickle
   The Book of Lu’lu’ and Shatira
   The Book of Najda and Za‘um
   The Book of Salma and Su‘ad
   The Book of Sawab and Surur
   The Book of al-Dahma’ and Ni‘ma

(Ibn) al-Nadim, Fihrist VIII.1 (circa 987 CE). (Ibid.)