November 4, 2016

Aere perennius


[By Demetrios:]
   A Boeotian (Oration)
   Kleon                                                                                            One (book)
   Phaidondas, or On O[ligarchy?]
   On Legislation at Athens                                                    Fi[ve] (books)
   On The Consti[tutions] at Athens

By Hegesias: The Pro-Athenian (Orations)                  One (book)
   Aspasia                                                                                       One (book)
   Alkibiades                                                                                  One (book)

By Theodektes: Of (Rhetorical) Technique                    Fou[r] (books)
   Amphiktyonikos (= On the League?)                            One (book)

By Theopompos: A Laconian (Oration)                          One (book)
   A P[an]-Ionian (Oration)                                                    One (book)
                                                                               One (book)
   [An Olym]pian (Oration)                                                    One (book)
   [Phil]ip                                                                                        One (book)
   In Praise of [Alexa]nder                                                     One (book)
   About the Olp....                                                                     One (book)
   About the ........-ios                                                                One (book)
   To Evagoras, (King) of the [Cy]pri[ot]s                      Tw[o] (books)
   Letter to [Antipa]ter                                                            One (book)
   An Advi[sory] (Oration)
   A Pan-Athenia[n] (Oration)
   An Invective Against the Teachi[ng of Plato]

By a different Theopompos: On Kingship                      One (book)



By Dionysi[os:]
   On th[e...]
   On Chil[dren]

[By Diodo?]tos: O[n the deeds of]
   Harmod[ios and Aristogeiton]

By Damokleides [...]
   On Coming Into Be[ing]
   To Alex[ander]

By Erat[o]s[the]ne[s...]            

Fragment of a library catalogue carved in Lartian marble.
Rhodes, late 2nd/early 1st c. BCE. 51 cm x 46 cm (at base).
Collection Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.