August 28, 2017

A prayer to the herbs

      To you, O powerful herbs, this is my prayer,
      and to the parent who gifted all of you
      to all [of us], her majesty the engendering Earth.
      Unto you she willed her majesty,
      and curative remedies to be of use
      and dependable help to every kind of person.
      I am a suppliant. This is my plea. Come swiftly
      with your potencies to this place! For she
      who begat [you] gave me leave to harvest you,
      and he to whom the healer's art was given
      also approves. With kindly remedy
      support well-being's cause, to the maximum
      capacity of your powers. Grace me with them, I pray,
      so that whatever I make of you,
      or whomever I may treat, you take effect quickly
      and lead to beneficial results. [I pray] that I
      always be licensed to harvest you............
      and give thanks to you, and credit you with the outcome,
      in the name of the Mother who commanded you to be born.


August 1, 2017

               A CAT and DIESEL co-presentation

DIESEL, A Bookstore, presented

NAMES OF THE LION translator
David Larsen in conversation with

Wednesday, August 9  •  7 pm
5433 College Avenue  •  Oakland, Calif.

Archived here:

Thanks to CAT, East Bay Booksellers, and discussant Stephen Sparks